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Purchase Your Sports Instructor Insurance Today!

As a sports coach or sports instructor, helping people reach their potential is what you do best. From community sports coaching right through to coaching for competitive sport, we know you’ve got your trainees’ best interests at heart.

Anything sports-related also comes with a certain amount of risks and responsibilities, and no matter how careful you are there’s always the chance that someone may get hurt or their property may be damaged. Sports coaching insurance from World Events Specialty can protect you from those costly claims

Documents & Downloads



  • Additional Insured - Certificate Holders

  • Participant Legal Liability Coverage Form

  • Earned Premium Endorsement - premium fully earned

  • Instructors, Coaches and Sports Officials - Broadened Coverage

  • Limitation of Coverage to Designated Premises or Project

  • Professional Liability Coverage Form

Best For

  • Baseball

  • -Basketball

  • -Baton twirling

  • -Bowling

  • -Cheerleading

  • -Cross Country

  • -Fencing

  • -Figure skating

  • -Football

  • -Golf

  • -Hockey

  • -Lacrosse

  • -Racquetball

  • -Road running

  • -Soccer

  • -Softball

  • -Swimming

  • -Table tennis

  • -Tennis

  • -Track & field

  • -Tumbling (floor only, no gymnastic apparatus)

  • -Volleyball

  • -Wrestling

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Summary of Coverage

This program offers insurance for fitness and sports instructors and provides liability protection in case of a participant injury. Both individual instructors and group/class instructors are eligible for coverage, and there is no added fee for obtaining certificates of insurance, including additional insured status. Coverage is provided for an annual term with up to a $3,000,000 limit.

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Why World Events Specialty?

We understand the importance of building and maintaining personal relationships with clients and learning about their organizations. This is essential in order to develop on ongoing understaning of our clients' needs and requirements.

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