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Rain, snow, wind, and more for a single event or production.

Event weather insurance for incremental rain accumulation or dry hours for outdoor events can be purchased online through our TotalEvent® Insurance Online for premiums as low as $150. Covered outdoor events include fairs, festivals, concerts, sporting events and more. The TotalEvent® system provides you with a fast and easy-to-use quote and bind system that also acts as an electronic database to assist in managing your specialty business. You can access TotalEvent® by clicking the Portal link to the right.

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  • Stated value policy

  • Smartphone claim verification app

  • Cancellation of the event is not required for triggered policy

  • Rain coverage can cost as little as $150

Best For

  • Concerts

  • Conferences

  • Fairs / festivals

  • Major sporting events

  • Trade shows / conventions

Summary of Coverage

Event weather insurance is a risk transfer tool that protects against adverse weather conditions that can reduce revenue from sources such as ticket sales, concessions, food and parking. Typical buyers of event weather insurance include fairs and festivals, concerts, sporting events, parades and air shows. It can provide coverage for many perils including rain, snow, wind, lightning and adverse weather.

For example, with a rain insurance policy through World Events Specialty, festival organizers can be assured that if rainfall keeps people from attending their event and revenues drop, they will be covered. In this case, a weather policy would pay out if 0.2-inch of rain accumulation occurred during the key event hours of 4:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. If it rained more than 0.2-inch, a check is written to make up for the festival's losses.

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