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Gathering Safely for the Holidays

October ushers in an extended season of gathering for many of us. From neighborhood trick-or-treat festivities, family Thanksgiving meals to large holiday galas... this time of year offers so many opportunities to gather in groups.

Have you made plans for how you will gather safely this season?

Don't Drop Your Guard! Stay Safe with these Common Sense Guidelines

As we start out this holiday season it's a good idea to think well in advance how you want to feed the people who gather to celebrate with you.

One of the safest options is a professionally prepared meal served in your home, business or venue.

While there are plenty of caterers and restaurants preparing food for takeout, not so many will have plans or the staff to serve a catered meal on a holiday. And if they do, they may not have the capacity for what will surely be increased demand.

This means part of your planning needs to include taking delivery of the food early, making space for food storage and then prepping and reheating it for the big event.

Of course, food storage and food prep would be on the menu if you were preparing your own food. Imagine spending more of that time with your guests, family, and friends.

Even with restrictions lifting, many are still concerned about safety. If this is a concern, you can always plan an outdoor event or meal. This is especially helpful if you are bringing multiple families or a large group of employees or clients together. It’s a great way to provide enough space for everyone and it’s easy to find fun outdoor activities to entertain the whole family.

Another option is to arrange multiple dining setups spread out indoors to allow for social distancing. You can even go with a hybrid of the two which is a great idea for adding even more space to allow for social distancing.

Along with safe dining, it's a great idea to have a fresh supply of masks for those who still feel vulnerable.

However you choose to celebrate, we hope you have a joyful gathering filled with good food and plenty of catching up with the people who are important to you – whether it's family or business associates.

Get Help Geting Your Next Event Ready to Go?

Whether you need help finding an appropriate venue, booking and managing speakers, designing layout and flow of your event, or designing, organizing, and managing the entire event, One of our partners, Aurice Guyton Events can help you put on an unforgettable event.

However you have any questions don't hesitate to give us a call at 888-389-3900 or email us at

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