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7 Best Event Planning Podcasts in 2022

Every year, podcasts grow in popularity. More podcasts are launched, and more people listen to them. In fact, there are an average of 20 million new listeners each year in the United States. By those estimates, there will be more than 160 million listeners by 2023. And those listeners won’t run out of episodes to listen to. As of 2021, there were over 2 million podcasts available for listening, with over 48 million episodes to tune in to. Because that’s a lot to choose from, we narrowed down the best seven event planning podcasts that you can listen to in 2022.

In this post, we recommend generic event planning podcasts as well as podcasts with specific themes. For example, we have a recommendation for the hospitality folks, the tech fiends, and the meeting moguls. But there are also some top-notch event planning podcasts that cover all of that and more. So whatever kind of event planning you’re into—or whatever you need to expand your knowledge in—we’ve got you covered.

Most Popular

Host: David Adler Listen on: Website, Apple Podcasts, Audible & more

Hosted by the founder and chairman of BizBash, GatherGeeks is a podcast about all things event planning. If you’re looking for a never-ending content library with a variety of topics, GatherGeeks is the podcast for you. With over 200 episodes, the series offers more than just event planning tips. There are also master classes and case studies, too. So you’ll go deep into the world of event planning and get answers to questions like How is Anheuser-Busch innovating virtual events? How do you find talent in challenging times? David Adler has the answers.

Top Picks

Host: Will Curran Listen on: Website, Apple & Google podcasts, Spotify & more

David Adler might be the common theme in the top event planning podcasts, because he’s been a guest on Event Icons—a powerhouse podcast that’s been on air since 2016. Each episode, host Will Curran sits down with the best-known names in event planning. In addition to David Adler, you can also hear from the creators of New York Comic Con, Red Frog Events and the team behind Firefly Music Festival. Plus, you can register to listen to live episodes instead of catching up on demand.

Host: Brooke Gracey & Cody Liske Listen on: Website, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify

Another event planning podcast that’s chock full of wisdom is How Great Events Happen. Now in its fourth season, this Cvent-hosted series is all about adapting your event planning with current trends in mind. As you can imagine, there are a lot of episodes around virtual events. But you can also explore topics like working parenthood, accessibility and inclusion, and unique gifts in the event industry. You can also get a behind-the-scenes look at Cvent’s major conference: CONNECT 2021.


Host: Jon Albano & Judy Maxwell Listen on: Website & Apple Podcasts

Some industries, like hospitality, have their own unique needs and stories. That’s where Lodging Leaders comes in. Hosted by the all-encompassing Long Live Lodging, the podcast explores the dynamic situation that hotels are in as both hosts of events and hosts of people. That intersection results in informative content, like exploring AirBnB’s recovery methods for venues and understanding the return of small meetings to hotels and similar venues. If your world is hospitality, Lodging Leaders is the podcast for you.

All About Meetings

Host: Northstar Meetings Group Listen on: Website, Apple & Google Podcasts

Another specialty event is meetings. Sometimes they’re small local meets. Other times, they’re massive, national experiences. But no matter the size, Eventful can give you a fresh perspective. They’re tackling tough conversations, like making a net-zero pledge, requiring vaccinations for attendees, and attracting sponsors for virtual meetings. Plus, they have three years worth of episodes for you to listen to.

Event Tech & Virtual Events

Host: Brandt Krueger Listen on: Website, Apple Podcasts & Spotify

Of course, we weren’t going to mention event planning podcasts without covering event tech. From virtual events to live streaming, webinars, and even social media, technology is proving to be more and more important. So Endless Event’s Event Tech Podcast is here to help. This series doesn’t just cover tech trends in 2022 and engaging virtual attendees. But it also goes deeper with the importance of maintaining eye contact with the camera and the value of a good speaker backdrop. No matter what type of event you’re planning, this podcast is a must-listen.

Host: Adam Parry Listen on: Website, Apple Podcasts, Spotify & Audible

Because event tech is such a popular topic right now, we had to include one more podcast: Event Tech Talk Show. They, too, have their own predictions for 2022. And they, too, get Brandt Krueger’s opinion. (Are you seeing the same theme we are?) But as a brand new series, they also bring a fresh perspective when addressing moderating during hybrid events and fundraising for virtual events. You don’t want to miss where this podcast is going!


Podcasts are excellent sources of information—if you listen to the right one. That’s why we rounded up these seven event planning podcasts so you don’t have to spend your time searching. Instead, you can jump right in to listening. Not every podcast may be right for you; some are targeted towards meetings while others heavily focus on event tech. But even just one of these series is brimming with information for you to listen to.

Which of the event planing podcasts are you most interested in? Do you have an event specialty?

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