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Insurance for Mixed Martial Arts, Kickboxing, Boxing and Professional Style Wrestling competitions & events

Most state athletic commissions are requiring that promoters provide insurance protection for the participants.  With the rise in popularity of these events, they are continuously reviewing and revising their participant accident insurance requirements.  Please make sure to contact the state commission where your event is being held in order to determine what policy limits you need.

Venues also continue to require liability insurance to provide them with protection from spectators claims of bodily injury as well as damage done to their property in the course of the event. 

Coverage is automatically provided for events up to 12 bouts and for liability coverage for events up to 2,000 spectators.  For larger events, please utilize the pdf forms and submit to our office via fax or email for a formal quotation.


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  • Accident Medical Insurance for the participants

  • General Liability Coverage

  • Equipment Coverage

  • Host/Retail Liquor Liability

Suits Arising From

  • Injury or death of spectators

  • Injury or death of volunteers

  • Property damage liability

  • Host liquor liability (non-profit)

  • All activities necessary to conduct events

  • Ownership, use, or maintenance of arena or event areas

  • General negligence claims

  • Cost of investigation and defense of claims, even if groundless

For new business inquiries, please call 888-389-3900 or submit an application to

Summary of Coverage

This specialty insurance program offers three unique insurance coverages for promoters and event planners.
• Accident Medical Insurance for the participants to satisfy state athletic commission requirements.
• General Liability Coverage to protect the venue and the promoter.
• Equipment Coverage to provide coverage for equipment and contents.
Any of the insurance products may be purchased, but the combination of all three truly limits one’s exposure to injuries and/or property damage.

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Why World Events Specialty?

We understand the importance of building and maintaining personal relationships with clients and learning about their organizations. This is essential in order to develop on ongoing understaning of our clients' needs and requirements.

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